Re: [greenstone-users] Displaying multiplemetadatavaluesindividually?

From schild
DateThu, 18 Aug 2005 10:02:58 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Displaying multiplemetadatavaluesindividually?
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Hi Jens,
jens wille wrote:

>hi axel!
>schild wrote:
>>I guess this would do the basic job for most users of greenstone.
>>Anyhow in my particular case my collection I cannot go without
>>javascript anyhow, as I what to have the user interface a bit
>>more user friendly (instead of just hyperlinks for each term
>>individually I want checkboxes, etc. behind terms such that the
>>user can "combine" his search query), such that the user can
>>refine a search query more intuitively (graphical user
>>interface). For this I need to use javascript anyway...
>you don't mean something like the following, do you?
>term <input type="checkbox" value="term">
>=> {For}{[terms], _1_ <input type="checkbox" value="_1_">}
the answer is yes and no...

For displaying terms with checkboxes at the end of the line it would
surely be the correct way to do,
but the evaluation of the checkbox status of all terms to form the
search query (also using boolean combination "and", "or", "not") from my
point of view cannot be done without a script. So that is the part
where javascript comes in (corret me if I am wrong, and there is a
better solution). An example of what I mean is given below

And or exclude

Author A | | | | | |
Author B | | | | | |
Subject A | | | | | |

|refine query|
("| |" denotes a checkbox, |refine query| denotes a button on the page)

So yes I definitely agree with you, that this "For" loop would help most
user tremendously and even reduce my personal effort, but trying to go
completely without javascript in my collection, I doubt that...



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