Re: [greenstone-users] Searching subsections only

From Stefan Boddie
DateMon, 28 Nov 2005 11:44:09 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Searching subsections only
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Hi Jonathan,

What you need to do here is search within a particular metadata element
I believe. So if your collection was set up to extract "description",
"ingredients", and "instructions" metadata for each document you'd set
up the "indexes" line in your collect.cfg file as follows.
indexes section:description section:ingredients section:instructions
Doing so would create an index for each of those metadata fields, so you
could search just within the descriptions, just within the ingredients,
or just within the instructions. You'd probably also include
section:text in your indexes line, to allow you to search within the
entire document.

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Jonathan Gorman wrote:

>Hi all,
>First, some quick background. I'm creating a digital library
>revolving around recipes for Dr. Downie's Digital Library
>class. I've been plodding along rather slowly and am seeking
>a bit of help.
>Now, the recipes follow a form like this (I'm not entirely
>sure what the actual import form will be, they are xml files
>right now).
><description>really good chili</description>
><ingredients>...some ingredient elements</ingredients>
><instructions>...some instruction elements (p and
>Is there a good way to limit searches to just a particular
>section? Here was my first idea:
>Assign the metadata secttype either being description,
>ingredients, or instructions. Create a subcollection for each
>so that only sections containing the appropriate metadata type.
>However, it's becoming clear that subcollections seem to
>really work on a document level and this approach probably
>won't work.
>If people want a simpler case to solve, imagine
>Is there any way to have it "search" just the abstracts?
>I'm assuming there must be something obvious I'm missing.
>Jon Gorman
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