[greenstone-devel] Error building collection - Exception detected during collection install.

From Michael Goodwin
DateThu Jun 23 10:10:25 2011
Subject [greenstone-devel] Error building collection - Exception detected during collection install.
I get this message/error at the end of the build/create process:

"Exception detected during collection install. The index directory could
not be deleted. Try exiting GLI and the server then restart GLI and try the
build again." It also says a file may be open etc.

I have tried shutting down greenstone and rebooting with no success. I am
running the latest release 2.84 on a Windows 7 machine. I have reinstalled
the Greenstone software and also moved the collection to different
computers. I did move the collection to a XP machine and it did not get the
error the one time I compiled it. The collecting is about 2GB in size with
less than 5000 documents.

Any suggestions?

Michael Goodwin

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