Re: [greenstone-users] Collection of flash movies

From Michael Dewsnip
DateWed, 10 Nov 2004 10:00:33 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Collection of flash movies
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HTML pages containing flash files with links to other flash files are difficult for
Greenstone to deal with. The reason for this is that the pages that Greenstone serves up
don't really have a physical location, so all links or embedded objects (eg. images) must
have absolute paths. Normally you don't have to worry about this because Greenstone
handles it all for you.

But for your case with HTML pages containing flash files, having

<EMBED src="navigator.swf" ...>

won't work because this is a relative path. Assuming the file has been associated
correctly, what you would want is

<EMBED src="/gsdl/collect/gsarch/index/assoc/[assocfilepath]/navigator.swf" ...>

Ignoring the fact that "[assocfilepath]" only works in format statements, this still
won't work for you because your flash files contain internal links to other flash files,
and these won't work because they will be relative links. I don't know how you can get
around this.

If you don't really need the HTML files then you can easily build a collection with links
directly to the flash files, and this works fine. But then what do you need Greenstone
for? We hate to admit it, but Greenstone isn't always the best tool for the job... it
seems that a few statically linked HTML pages would serve your needs much better, and
would be a lot simpler.



Chaitra Rao wrote:

> Hi,
> I have to build a collection of educational courseware content. The
> content is bascially in the form of HTML pages with links to other html
> pages and embedded flash files.Now the problem is,when I add the html
> files to the collection,I cannot see anything.i.e, the browser shows just
> the greenstone headers(the top menu bar)and blank below! The swf files are
> also listed along with the html files. I can view these swf files as an
> external application and not within the greenstone browser.
> The contents of the config.cfg file is as follows:
> creator
> maintainer
> public true
> indexes document:text document:Title document:Source
> defaultindex document:text
> plugin UnknownPlug -process_exp .swf
> plugin ZIPPlug
> plugin GAPlug
> plugin TEXTPlug
> plugin HTMLPlug -description_tags -input_encoding auto
> -cover_image
> plugin EMAILPlug
> plugin PDFPlug
> plugin RTFPlug
> plugin WordPlug
> plugin PSPlug
> plugin ArcPlug
> plugin RecPlug -use_metadata_files
> classify AZList -metadata dc.Title
> format DateList "<td>[link][icon][/link]</td>
> <td>[highlight]{Or}{[dls.Title],[dc.Title],[ex.Title],Untitled}[/highlight]</td>
> <td>[ex.Date]</td>"
> format HList
> "[link][highlight]{Or}{[dls.Title],[dc.Title],[ex.Title],Untitled}[/highlight][/link]"
> format VList "<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td>
> <td
> valign=top>[ex.srclink]{Or}{[ex.thumbicon],[ex.srcicon]}[ex./srclink]</td>
> <td valign=top>[highlight]
> {Or}{[dls.Title],[dc.Title],[ex.Title],Untitled}
> [/highlight]{If}{[ex.Source],<br><i>([ex.Source])</i>}</td>"
> collectionmeta collectionname [l=en] "test"
> collectionmeta collectionextra [l=en] "Test collection"
> collectionmeta .document:text [l=en] "text"
> collectionmeta .document:Title [l=en] "titles"
> collectionmeta .document:Source [l=en] "filenames"
> I hope the information provided in the e-mail is sufficient to understand
> the problem.
> Please help!!!!
> Regards,
> Chaitra
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