[greenstone-users] Re: Can't Load Document

From Rene Schrama
DateWed, 08 Oct 2003 15:29:30 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Can't Load Document

On July 31, Dave S wrote about the MGPP problem as stated below. Now the same is happening to me. Has there been any progress in this matter? I'm also using version 2.40 on Windows XP. Btw I couldn't get the user interface to work with the Collector (only one search box, with the following text above it: "Search for _idx_ which contain some|all of the words") so I had to build it from the command line.

Errors during build were:

mgpp_passes.exe : Cannot open Sec
mgpp_compression_dict.exe : Unable to open "D:Program Filesgsdlcollectsoremebuilding extsoreme.tsd"
mgpp_passes.exe : Cannot open Sec

(the complete listing is quite large but I will be happy to provide it)

There were no errors during import, just some warnings about the language defaulting to EN.


> Hi,
> Yes this is the first time I attempted to use MGPP. Currently, I am using
> Greenstone V.2.4 on Windows XP. I am really not sure what's wrong now. I
> tried to built the collection from command line, but the same problem still
> occur. It just comes up with a page saying, "Couldn't load text data".
> What can I do now? I have tried to change the <document>, <section> tags
> that I added in the html files. I have also change the configuratio files.
> But all these don't help at all.
> Thanks
> Dave S,