[greenstone-devel] Question regarding MetadataXMLPlugin

From russell_rokicki@ca3.uscourts.gov
DateFri Mar 26 09:21:25 2010
Subject [greenstone-devel] Question regarding MetadataXMLPlugin
In-Reply-To (4BABA302-7070306-bates-edu)
Hello Everyone,

I am new to Greenstone and am working on migrating our digital collection
from our current system to Greenstone. I saw a message earlier mentioning
the metadataxmlplugin. I see that plugin exists in the program's plugins
folder but through the Librarian interface it is not available on the
drop-down menu on the design tab.

How do i go about activating this plugin?

The collection I have exported from the current system has Archival copies,
PDF access copies and jpg Thumbnails. I can instruct Greenstone to ignore
the Tiffs, and Jpgs but will be there be a way to add them later? or is
there a better way to import this collection?

Thanks in advance for any help or for pointing me to the correct
documentation that can answer these questions!



William H. Hastie Library