Re: [greenstone-users] OAI download problem

From karen janssens
DateTue, 12 Jun 2007 08:58:58 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] OAI download problem
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Hello Xiao,

Thank you for your help. Now indeed the files are stored separately!
However, some problems still remain:
I tried downloading three files whiwh have in my DSpace identifier
numbers: 123456789/4, 123456789/7 and 123456789/8

- there is a srcdocs drectory, but it is empty. It is at the location:
C:Documents and SettingsEigenaarApplication

- the files that are downloaded (at location C:Documents and
are 4.oai , 7.oai and 8.oai . These are also the files that are
downloaded when I do NOT cross the 'get_doc', so I presume these files
contain the metadata. However I do not know what to do with these files.
What should I do to make Greenstone extract the metadata (which are in
Dublin Core) ?

Thanks in advance!


xiao schreef:

> Hi Karen,
> The Log file (included below) shows that indeed the separate files are
> not saved as such. Any ideas how to fix this problem?
> The log output does not indicate any error during retrieving the
> source docs. Please check if there is directory called 'srcdocs' in
> the oai folder in the Download Files.
> <<Total number of record(s):10>>
> Gathering OAI record with ID:oai:localhost:123456789/4.....
> Gathering source documents.....
> Saving records to C:Documents and SettingsEigenaarApplication
> DataGreenstoneGLIcache/
> <<Done>>
> However, it does seem that the saved record files are overriding
> previous ones. I've attached a file to fix this (simply put it in
> $GSDLHOME/perlib/downloaders/ and replace the old file of the same name).
> Regards
> xiao
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