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From Katherine of Greenstone Team
DateThu Jun 12 09:18:07 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] [Fwd: can you help me?]
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Hi Laura

I am not sure when you say index if you mean searching or browsing.
The following assumes that your author metadata is stored as dc.Creator.
If not, just use the appropriate metadata instead.

In a format statement, [dc.Creator] will display the first one, and
[sibling:dc.Creator] will display all of them.
There is more information about elements that can be used in format
statements in
http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/How_to_format_the_output of your_collection

For an Author browsing list, you may want to use 'AZCompactList
-metadata dc.Creator' - this will group documents together under common
authors, so you can browse by author, and then go to all the books that
that author wrote.

I hope this helps.

> Hi, I am a portuguese student at Oporto University and I am building a
> digital library with greenstone. I had already entered all my
> documents digitalized but now, I have some difficulties in changing
> the indexes. There are many authors that wrote one document but only
> appears the first author in the author's index. My idea is that in the
> author's index appears could show all the authors who wrote a
> document. I want to, that the name of the author appears only one time
> and that index forwards to all the documents that the author wrote.
> Regards
> Laura Cerqueira
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