[greenstone-users] CL1 list - dc.Title instead of ex.Title

From Katherine of Greenstone Team
DateFri Feb 27 10:51:11 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] CL1 list - dc.Title instead of ex.Title
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Hi Karol

The browsing structure is determined by the classifiers defined for the
collection. Each classifier has a -metadata option which specifies what
metadata the browsing structure should be organised by.

To order by dc.Title, you need to change the -metadata option to dc.Title.
You can do this in GLI by going to the Design->Browsing Classifiers
pane, or outside of GLI by editing collect/collname/etc/collect.cfg.
Then you'll need to rebuild the collection.


Karol Miaskiewicz wrote:
> Is it possible to browse documents by their dc.Title?
> It looks that the CL1 list displays documents arranged by ex.Title attribute. Can such list be arranged and displayed using dc.Title?
> -- Karol
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