[greenstone-users] Search in some collections crashes Greenstone...

From keowen@buffalo.edu
DateThu, 05 Apr 2007 13:26:26 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] Search in some collections crashes Greenstone...
Hi folks:

We are a team of LIS students responsible for setting up Greenstone to
host our classes' DL. Unfortunately, none of us uber techy. We've looked
in the archives for an answer to this, but haven't found anything.

Today we created multiple collections. We used the same metadata set for
all collections, and have modified the search indexing and the
formatting. We've double checked the plug-ins and other indexing
variables and they are consistent across the board.

What happens is this:

If we enter the user interface and select the first collection we
created, all the search functions work fine. For the other collections
we are able to get to the main collection page and can browse the
documents. However, any use of the search of these collections causes
Greenstone to crash.

We keep double and triple checking but cannot figure out what we have
done wrong. The collection settings appear to be the same.

Does anyone have a suggestion for us?

We are running Greenstone on Win XP Pro.

Thank you,
Kate Owen & the infrastructure team
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY