[greenstone-users] Introduction and install errors

From Kerim Friedman
DateWed Dec 19 16:26:49 2007
Subject [greenstone-users] Introduction and install errors
Hello. I'm an anthropologist and documentary filmmaker who recently
got drafted to be an archivist. For the past four years I've been
working on a film about India's Denotified and Nomadic Tribes (DNTs):


In working on the film we've been closely affiliated with an Indian
NGO, the Bhasha Research and Publication Center, who works on behalf
of DNTs:


They have an extensive archive of materials relating to the entire
history of the DNT Rights Movement which started back in the 1990s.
This includes correspondences, reports, legal documents, etc. much of
it is already in digital form. I've uploaded some sample documents to
a Box.net archive:


I've agreed to help Bhasha create, host, and maintain a freely
available digital archive of this material. Looking around for
examples of existing archives which could serve as a model for what we
are doing, two struck me as particularly good examples:


When I saw that both of these were running Greenstone I figured I
should try it out! I have lots of experience with PHP based web apps,
but very little with Java, so I've already run into some difficulties.
I tried installing it twice, first following the Wiki instructions for
SVN, and when that didn't work using the full download and default
instructions. I got further with the Install.sh script, but it still
didn't work. The server I'm trying to install it on to is run by
Joyent who are well know as hosting numerous web apps, so I think it
should be possible, but I'm going to need some help. Hoping that there
are some generous souls on this list, I've posted my error logs to the


Since I'm pretty much a one-man team, I really need to be able to do
this myself so I can play around with the software and see how it
works before I decide if we can go ahead and build our archive around
it, maybe getting some outside help at that time.

Thank you.

P. Kerim Friedman, Ph.D.
Department of Indigenous Cultures
College of Indigenous Studies
National DongHwa University, TAIWAN
Tel: +886-3-863-5795