[greenstone-devel] Hierarchical Document

From K H
DateSun, 20 Nov 2005 22:01:45 -0600
Subject [greenstone-devel] Hierarchical Document
We're using Greenstone 2.62 for a digitization project, and I have a
question about the default hierarchy. Basically, you get to the 1.
search/browse page, 2. a list 3. individual document.

We're digitizing a set of LP records so from a UI perspective it actually
would make more sense to allow users to browse by album. An album is a
document, but it also would contain links to other documents, such as the
pictures of the cover art, the record itself and the mp3 files. It would
seem that this would fit somewhere between #2 and #3 above. You could also
consider it as a document, with a browse list of associated pictures and mp3

I'm sure this is doable, probably by creating a new hybrid of the browse and
document macro files. But before I start hacking away I thought I should ask
if anyone has done this before or if there is an existing solution I can
use. Thanks for your help!

- Kirk Hess
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