[greenstone-users] indexers MG and MGPP

From Karen E. Medina
DateThu, 3 Feb 2005 17:03:40 -0600
Subject [greenstone-users] indexers MG and MGPP
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> a *, like libr*. (Note this is not available with MG).
I'm slightly confused. I thought MG did truncation too.

2nd question: Is Lucene being added so that there can be incremental adds
to the index? And I'm kind of curious how Lucene does this. Partly because
I was thinking that a Greenstone collection could effect an incremental
add if the new documents were indexed separately and then the retrieval
system was told to look in both indexes, kind of like cross-collection
searches, just with the second collection being the new documents.

-karen medina

> MGPP recently had word truncation added to its searching. This is
> available in the 2.52 release. You need to specify it in the search with
> a *, like libr*. (Note this is not available with MG).
> It is not possible to switch indexers (other than MG and MGPP) without
> programming (C++ and perl). We are in the process of adding Lucene in as
> an indexer but it is not completed yet.
> Regards,
> Katherine Don