Re: [greenstone-users] 0 ways to find information in this collection

From John R. McPherson
DateThu, 22 Apr 2004 16:14:36 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] 0 ways to find information in this collection
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Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
> On Apr 21, 2004, at 2:16 PM, Russell Sheptak wrote:
>> You didn't say what version of Linux you're running but I found a
>> problem with greenstone 2.41 on Red Hat 9.0 that would result in
>> collections with 0 ways of finding the information. The problem, in
>> my case, was the perl xpat library supplied by the greenstone folks.
>> On RH 9 in needed to be downloaded and rebuilt before collection
>> building actually worked. When it was failing, collections would
>> appear to build, but there were lines in the build log saying things
>> like "nothing to index". Check the output for indications
>> that nothing is getting indexed. That would be diagnostic of this
>> problem.
> Thank you for the prompt reply.
> Hmm... This sound plausible. I am running RH 7.3 or so. Are you
> suggesting I:
> 1. Compile expat.
> 2. Create Perl libraries against expat
> 3. Install expat and the libraries in the appropriate place(s).
> If so, I believe I can do this as long as I know where to save the
> resulting binaries and libraries (modules). Where? I don't see expat,
> and what Perl library am I replacing in perllib?

You are probably better off installing the version that comes with your
linux distribution - I believe the redhat .rpm name is
"perl-XML-Parser". That will install the perl frontend to the expat library.

You should then delete the version that came with greenstone; delete the
greenstone/perllib/cpan/XML and greenstone/perllib/cpan/auto/XML
directories (and all their contents). Now greenstone will use the your
distribution's version of these instead.

John McPherson