[greenstone-users] Remote GLI failure no ImageMagick

From Larry Sheldon
DateTue Mar 1 07:50:56 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Remote GLI failure no ImageMagick
Hello All,

I am using the remote GLI that was installed when I downloaded 2.83 onto
my desktop computer that uses Windows XP. This was the system that I used
to develop our digital library before we uploaded to our webserver. The
server that we are using has: Apache 2.2 and Greenstone 2.83. and the
server operating system is Windows 2008 Standard 32bit.

When using the remote GLI we receive the message that there is no

I tried to use this fix that was in the users archive


We followed the instructions that were given and still are receiving 2
error messages.

The first one reads:
Server returned HTTP response code 500 for URL:

then when you click on OK I receive a message:
Unable to get the list of classifiers using classinfo.pl -listall.--

Thanks in advance for your help


Larry Sheldon
New Rochelle Public Library
1 Library Plaza
New Rochelle, New York 10805
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