[greenstone-users] Install Steps After Compiling From Source

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateMon Mar 21 15:21:09 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Install Steps After Compiling From Source
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Hello Gavin,

Well done with all your hard work compiling Greenstone 2.82 on your
system. About your latest question, I'm not sure about how things were
in 2.82 since that was so long ago, but maybe it's the same case as in
2.83 (or perhaps the following can help you anyway):

1. There's a script in Greenstone 2.83 at the top level called
"gsicontrol.sh". Check if 2.82 has such a script as well.

2. The script takes arguments that work with the apache web server. One
of the arguments it takes includes "configure-admin". This should allow
you to (re)set the admin password.

So you'd run it as follows from the top level Greenstone folder,
probably after sourcing setup.bash:
> ./gsicontrol.sh configure-admin

And then you type in the password for the "admin" user.

3. If Greenstone version 2.82 does not include this script, then perhaps
you can carry out the same instruction that the above carries out? If
you inspect the gsicontrol.sh script in the Greenstone repository at
then the relevant bit is:

function configure-admin {
echo "" ;
echo "Configuring admin user password:" ;
encrypted_password=`getpw` ;
if [ $? = "0" ] ; then
echo -e
"[admin] <enabled>true <groups>administrator,colbuilder,all-collections-editor <password>$encrypted_password <username>admin"

| txt2db -append "$GSDLHOME/etc/users.gdb" ;
echo "Did not set password" ;
echo ""

Even if not all of the other functions in the script may work in version
2.82, I think configure-admin might, so you may want to download the
script from the link
Then store it in your Greenstone 2.82 installation folder (in other
words, at the top level). In a fresh terminal, run:
> source setup.bash
> ./gsicontrol.sh configure-admin

Enter your password and hopefully it sets you up with a new one for your
"admin" username. Test this new password out on the Admin pages off your
Greenstone server home page.


Gavin Spomer wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was able to compile Greenstone 2.82 from source on a FreeBSD system,
> but how do I create users or get into the admin account? When I
> originally installed Greenstone, I did a binary install on a Linux
> system, and I seem to remember the the Install.sh file would help me set
> the password for the admin user. After compiling, I do not see an
> Install.sh script, but there is a install-sh script. Do I run that
> instead? I can't do any user management in the admin interface without a
> valid login/password.
> I was able to copy over the gsdlsite.cfg.in to gsdlsite.cfg and
> configure apache accordingly and get Greenstone running though.
> Gavin Spomer
> Systems Programmer
> Brooks Library
> Central Washington University
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