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From Diego Spano
DateFri, 5 Mar 2004 15:13:02 -0300
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] PDFPlug
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Hi John, you are right, png files are better than jpg, but Greenstone
doesn´t process it !!! I made a PDF document composed with png files. I
imported it in Greenstone but it doesn´t export each page, so when I
browse the document in the collection I see no images ! If I use jpg
files, Greenstone process it with no problems !

Is something about the PDFPlug? I also use -complex option but nothing

Thanks in advance.


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Diego Spano wrote:
> Hi List.
> Did anybody process pdf files containing tiffs? I have a scanned book,
> so I did OCR to all pages and saved the results as a PDF file with
> below the image, so when I import the file in Greenstone, it indexes
> text and let me search inside
> the pdf file. But the case is that no image is showed, unless I use
> files into the PDF. JPG compression is not the best for black and
> images, but it seem that PDFPlug doesn´t support another format.
> Any help to use tiff instead of jpgs?

You could try using .PNG format images instead of lossy JPG or tiff.

John McPherson