[greenstone-users] Greesnstone 3.04 Server Does Not Start

From Katherine Don
DateFri Oct 9 22:12:52 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Greesnstone 3.04 Server Does Not Start
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Hi Carla

Sorry, didn't read this before answering previous email. Are you
clicking on the gs3-server.bat file?

Is this using the tomcat that comes with greenstone? I see in another
email you are trying to use an external tomcat?

There are several emails from you and I am not sure where you are at. If
you are still having trouble with this, can you please send a new email
stating what problems you are currently having.

If you want to use external tomcat, can you please first get it working
using the tomcat installed with greenstone. Then we can work on getting
it working with an external tomcat - which we haven't tried here for
quite a while.


Carla Lendor wrote:
> I have installed greenstone 3.04 application but the server has never
> started. When I click on it it opens and shuts quickly. I have
> un-installed the application, reinstalled it, change the installation
> path but to no avail.....it has never started. I am using Windows
> 2003 server.
> Perhaps a possible bug in the application.
> Comments? Views?
> Thanks
> Carla
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