[greenstone-users] [Help] Images not showing

From Ramon Sampang
DateThu Oct 8 13:58:23 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] [Help] Images not showing
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Hi !

It looks like you have a problem wiith your httpd.conf.
Change ScriptAlias to Alias, and check for typo error, it should look like:

Alias /greenstone/ "/home/gfolego/Greenstone/"
<Directory /home/gfolego/Greenstone/>
Options None
AllowOverride None

You will use ScriptAlias to point at your Greenstone cgi-bin directory take
a look at the wiki to see what I am talking about

Best regards,
Ramon Sampang

2009/9/12 Guilherme F□lego <gfolego@gmail.com>

> Hello everyone
> I'm sorry to bother with this quite simple question, but I am totally new
> to the DL world.
> Well, I installed Apache 2.2.11 and Greenstone 2.82 on my Ubuntu 9.04 and
> configured everything.
> It's OK, but no images are showing. I have tried a few lines both in
> httpd.conf Apache file and gsdlsite.conf Greenstone file, but nothing seems
> to work.
> I also tried to Google it, without success.
> I've attached the important documents so you may have a clear look at it.
> Thanks a lot,
> Guilherme F□lego
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