[greenstone-users] Bibliography collection using Greenstone

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateThu Apr 10 11:14:31 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Bibliography collection using Greenstone
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Hi Debjani,
> Kindly let me know whether metadata enrichment can be done for bengali
> and hindi in gsdl. Say I want author Rabindranath Tagore in bengali

Yesterday I answered a similar question from someone who wanted to
enrich collections with metadata in Arabic (I've pasted my response at
end of this email). I tried it out with some text in Bengali characters,
obtained from the sample text you had given me.

Although I don't think you can type directly into the Greenstone
Librarian Interface (GLI) in Bengali, what you can do is:
1. type out metadata values in a UTF-8 encoded Bengali font into a
text-editor that supports such a font (Windows notepad allows one to
save in UTF-8, I believe).
2. copy and paste each of these metadata values into the appropriate
metadata fields of GLI's Enrich tab. Although GLI shows them as mere
blocks to me rather than as Devanagari characters (see the attachment
Screensthot-GLI.png in the FOLLOWING email), once the collection is
built, the pages in the browser show the metadata values in their proper
script (see the attachment Screenshot-browser.png in the FOLLOWING email).

> Further, I would like to know whether CDS/ISIS and Bibtext software
> take care of hindi and bengali script.
I actually don't know about this. Perhaps Googling on "Bengali fonts"
and "Bibtext" or "CDS/ISIS" may help.

My next email will have the images I referred to just above (the
Greenstone mailing list bounces back messages with attachments and won't
archive them).


Here's my response to an earlier question on adding Arabic metadata
through GLI:

I do not know whether the following will work in your case with GLI, but I
have found it to work with various applications - including Java-based
ones. As GLI is made with Java, this method may be worth trying. (Perhaps
you have already tried this.)

Do you have a text-editor where you are able to type in Arabic? If the
characters you typed are encoded in UTF-8 then I think it may be possible
for you to copy the text that you've typed in your Arabic-enabled
text-editor and paste it into the text-fields of GLI.

To ensure that there is some feasibility to my suggestion, I just now
tried out adding some Bengali characters as dc.Title metadata to a demo
collection. I copied these characters from a demo collection which I had
earlier tested and pasted them into the dc.Title metadata field of the
Enrich tab of GLI (the Greenstone Librarian Interface application).
See the screenshots attached:
Although the Bengali characters appear as blocks in GLI for me
(Screenshot-GLI.png), when I build the collection and view it in the
browser, the characters appear fine (Screenshot-browser.png).
It may therefore also work with the Arabic metadata you wish to add. I
think however that you should use a UTF-8 font.