[greenstone-users] A-Z list of browsing interface

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateMon Jul 28 15:04:37 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] A-Z list of browsing interface
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Hi Bidhan,

Katherine is away at the moment, therefore I thought I might it try this
out. I generated a collection of 40 pdfs to which I assigned creator and
subject metadata. The results I got from building it are shown in the
attached images.

If the images seem somewhat appropriate to what you intend to do with
your collection of pdfs, then the following is what I did. Perhaps you
can try it out with a demo collection first to make sure this is indeed
what you want:

1. I opened up GLI and created a new collection of 40 pdfs (in my case,
all the pdfs were the same but I had given them different names).

2. In order for the dc.Creator to display instead of the Title alongside
the sourcefile name, I went to the Format tab in GLI, clicked on Format
Features on the left and selected VList on the right. I modified the
formatting for VList such that it became:

<td valign="top">[link][icon][/link]</td>
<td valign="top">[highlight]

3. I opened up the collect.cfg for my new collection (in

4. The "classify" directives I have in there are:
classifyAZList -metadata dc.Creator -buttonname Author
classifyAZCompactList -metadata dc.Subject -sort dc.Subject -buttonname

I saved the modified file.

5. I built my collection and the results for the first classify
directive--which uses AZList--are in attached image 1. For the second,
which uses the AZCompactList as you have done in your collect.cfg
file--the results were as shown in the attached image 2.

Some further observations:

I think that your setting the -maxcompact flag to 600 means that it will
display 600 documents per page. This is explained when you run classinfo.pl:
> perl -S classinfo.pl AZCompactList
The output from the above program explains the flags taken by
AZCompactList, among which is -maxcompact:
" -maxcompact <int> Maximum number of documents to be displayed
per page.
Default: 30"

Therefore this may be why you didn't get your 600 documents divided
further by letter, but all showing up on one page instead.

As shown in image 1, the AZList classifier will list the documents with
the letters to browse by at the top. The AZCompactList classifier
appears to do the same, but instead of directly listing the documents,
it puts them into a subclassification first (image 2), which, when you
click on it, shows the document as leaf nodes. This is better explained
by running classinfo.pl on AZCompactList:
"Classifier plugin for sorting alphabetically (on a-zA-Z0-9). Produces a
horizontal A-Z list, then a vertical list containing documents, or
bookshelves for documents with common metadata."


bidhan chaudhuri wrote:
> Hi Katherine,
> As per instruction, I installed gsdl 2.80, but did not get alphabetical
> browsing facility. It is to be noted that I am dealing with only pdf
> files.Only long alphabetical listing is there. For this reason, I extend
> the length upto 600. <collect.cfg> file is enclosed herewith. If
> possible, please reply the feedback as early as possible.
> Regards,
> Bidhan Chaudhuri
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Katherine of Greenstone Team"
> To: "bidhan chaudhuri"
> Subject: Re: [greenstone-users] A-Z list of browsing interface
> Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 12:34:39 +1200
> Hi
> I would recommend installing 2.80 and trying that. If you are still
> getting no horizontal a-z list, please send a copy of the
> collections collect.cfg file.
> Regards,
> Katherine
> bidhan chaudhuri wrote:
>> Dear Friend,
>> I'm in trouble relating to A-Z compact list (Creator/Subject) in
>> browsing interface. I'm installing gsdl version 2.72 in local
>> environment. My problem is that at the top of the browsing window
>> there is no A-B-C-D....-X-Y-Z searching facility. So it is very
>> problem in searching any alphabetical item as it is a very long
>> list. As far as I know, it is created automatically. Please guide
>> me in this regard as early as possible as my project is to be
>> submitted within July'08.
>> Thanks.
>> Bidhan Chaudhuri
>> CGCRI, Kolkata, India
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