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Hello Rinoj,

Your question:
> I modified the macros according to my requirements and am able
> upload/view files. But i want to view the collection in a particular
> directory structure, i.e while adding the collection i am using a
> directory hierarchy, i want to display this structure in the
> collection. Is there any way to do it.

As I understand, this is your situation: You have a nested folder
structure which you have dragged and dropped into Greenstone, and you
want to have this folder available for browsing in the built collection.

I asked Katherine about this, since long ago I wanted my folder
structure preserved as well and available as a browsing classifier but
didn't know how to do it.

Here is Katherine's solution, which I tried out. The explanation may
become clearer when you look at the screenshot which I have attached.

1. Open the GLI application (Greenstone librarian interface).

2. If you had already created it, open your existing collection--the one
with the folder structure--in GLI. Otherwise create such a collection by
dragging and dropping your nested folder structure into the right-hand
panel of GLI's Gather tab. Or perhaps it may be better to try the
following out with a trial collection instead, to prevent messing up any
important collection you have.

Next we're going to create metadata that specify a relative directory
path, so that the folder structure is mirrored in the browsing classifier:

3. Click on the Design tab. In the left-hand pane, select Browsing
Classifiers. Choose to add a Hierarchy classifier from the drop down box
in the right-hand pane.

4. Configure the Hierarchy classifier you've just added by clicking on
the Configure Classifier button at the bottom:
- set its "separator" field to: [\/|\|]
- in the "metadata" field, choose a metadata field that you think makes
sense to specify the folder structure in. For example, you may choose
dc.Subject and Keywords. In the example collection I created, I just
picked dc.Resource Type.

3. Click on the Enrich tab.
We're going to assign the directory structure as metadata now.

4. Now this bit is hard to explain, but it may become clearer from the
screenshot. In the left-hand panel, browse to each of the innermost
subfolders: the folders that contain the actual files.
Perform the following for each of these innermost FOLDERS:
- Click on it and set the metadata for the field you chose in (4) above
to be the relative directory path to that folder.

In the example collection I created, see Screenshot1, I went down to the
inner folder labelled "1ASCii" and typed "Encodings/Ascii/1ASCii" as the
value for the dc.Resource Type metadata. This is because the folder
1ASCii was nested inside folder Ascii which was located in Encodings.

5. If you've given the directory path for each of the inner folders,
then click on the Create tab and press the Build Collection button.

6. Once built, preview the Collection by pressing the Preview Button.

7. In the browser that opens, click on the link of the browing
classifier for which you added the Hierarchy classifier. In my case, the
dc.Resource Type metadata was associated with the Hierarchy Classifier,
so I clicked on the classifier "types" and browsed down to see the
files. See Screenshot2.

Hopefully the above solution will work for you too.

You may be interested to know that there is a Greenstone support group
in the Indian subcontinent to which your questions and your suggestions
can be addressed. Please see http://greenstonesupport.iimk.ac.in

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