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From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateMon Nov 17 19:44:17 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] GREENSTONE
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Hello Philip,

Sorry for the late response as we've been very busy with the new release
of Greenstone 2.

This email concerns some of your questions:

1. You wrote: "When I create a new collection based on the Word and Pdf
collections (Ver. 2.80) , I always get two versions of the documents ?
the original document located in the import folder for the specific
collection and an HTML greenstone version. I want to have the Greenstone
version to be visible to the user and not the original version."

Yes, this is indeed possible. Please see the tutorial "Formatting the
Word and PDF collection" at
and read upto and including step 3.
You may want to first glance over the preceding and related tutorial "A
collection of Word and PDF files" located at
to have a better understanding of the context and how it relates to your

2. You asked: "I do I customize the greenstone installation so that the
Home page title shows the name of my institution eg Kenya Polytechnic
University College Digital library?"

Please look at the Greenstone tutorial "Customization: macro files and
stylesheets" located at

Steps 11 to 13 of that tutorial appear most relevant to your situation.

3. And you asked: "Can I have/create Blank pages from within greenstone
where I can put customized information eg Vision and Mission, About us
etc which I can then link from the Home page."

The same tutorial at
mentions the macros folder of your greenstone installation and explains:

"Macros are grouped into packages, and different packages control the
appearance of different pages. For example, the home, help, preferences,
query, document packages control the home, help, preferences, query, and
document pages, respectively. Some macro files contain macros for just
one package, for example, home.dm, query.dm, document.dm, while others
contain macros for many packages. base.dm contains macros used globally,
style.dm controls the common style of each page, english.dm, french.dm
and other language files contain the text fragments for the entire
interface, in that language."

Later on in the same page, it shows you how to customise your About
page. You can use your Greenstone About page to add the information you
want and customise it. Please try out this tutorial. The files you'll
need to follow the tutorial are at the top right hand corner of the page

Hope this helps. If you want to learn more about how to do various
things in Greenstone, I found the tutorials to be really helpful myself.
They are at http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/Tutorial_exercises

Best of luck,

Philip Kitheka wrote:
> Hallo,
> I do I customize the greenstone installation so that the Home page title
> shows the name of my institution eg Kenya Polytechnic University College
> Digital library? I will appreciate your responses.
> Regards,
> Philip M. Kitheka
> The Kenya Polytechnic University College
> P.O Box 52428 - 00200
> Nairobi.
> Phone: +254 (20) 315467/ 343672
> Cell: +254 723 875113
> Email: kithekap@kenpoly.ac.ke <mailto:kithekap@kenpoly.ac.ke>
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