[greenstone-users] basic question about publishing to web

From Jim Hart
DateThu Dec 23 03:44:56 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] basic question about publishing to web
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Which operating system are you using, Linux, Mac or Windows?

Jim Hart
Bates College

On 12/21/10 3:25 PM, Thomas Vandenberghe wrote:
> Hi,
> > From checking the manuals, how to put your collection online isn't
> wholly clear to me. Our current website is on a shared hosting, and I
> don't know yet if installing the web library there is possible. So
> I'll stick to the local library.
> It is mentioned on the wiki that "Please note that the local library
> is *quite capable* of serving Greenstone collections over a local area
> network or *the web* (despite its rather misleading name). ". How do
> I do serve my collections on the web with this method then? By
> installing the local library and exporting the final collections to
> html as described in "Building a small collection of HTML files"
> (http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/gsdoc/tutorial/en/small_html_collection.htm)
> and putting these html files online?
> If the local library is "quite capable", what's the exact use of the
> web library?
> Thanks for clarifying!
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