[greenstone-users] About RemoteGreenstoneServer.java in Remote GLI

From feng wang
DateWed Jul 16 09:46:37 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] About RemoteGreenstoneServer.java in Remote GLI
Hi Quan,

Sorry .It's me again

You suggested me if i wanna implement an application to manage the collections of greenstone remote, maybe i can check the RemoteGreenstoneServer.java in the Greenstone3/gli/src/org/greenstone/gatherer/remote folder at first . Thank you for you suggestion. I did it and now i have some questions after reading this java file. I hope you can help me here further.

1. We know, Greenstone stores the collect locally in stead of using the relational datebase. Question is, whether the greenstone supports the relational datebase like MySQL too. If yes,how can i implement it!
Because i saw, the java file must at first check the directorypath locally. May i misunterstand it yet.

2. Why alle files by downloading or any action else must be zipped at first? It's designed for HTTP Tranforming or something else?
3. Do you know, which java file calls the RemoteGreenstoneServer.java. I think some GLI GUI Komponent call the java File. I wanna know, how the RemoteGreenstoneServer.java file should be used.
I have installed the Remote Greenstone and tried to use the Client GLI to manage the collectoin remote. Reading the shell log messeng can help me to undertand the perl command like cmd=.... and the workflow for building/modifying/importing the collection.
4. Should i set a connection to remote greenstone server at first, if i wanna manipulate the collection in greenstone, or i should just give the base URL by calling every action? And how can i build an Authentication? I know, i should get an Authentication at first, but really want to know HOW. Using the PasswordAuthentication? But how can i verify the Authentication?
5. I found every PDF or Word Files would been converted into a HTML File automatically. It's a very useful Service of Greenstone. Question is how can i call the server by implementing my remote Application. Is the Server automaticlly called by building the collection. Or i should call some PlugIn extra.
6. If i wanna modify one DC Metadata like dc.title of a doc, which subaction in the RemoteGreenstoneServer.java shuold be called?
Feng Wang
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