[greenstone-devel] Re: Lucene building support in greenstone

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 31 May 2005 09:15:51 +1200
Subject [greenstone-devel] Re: Lucene building support in greenstone
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Please send your questions via the list - this discussion may help
someone else.
So you are doing cross collection searching with lucene collections?
thats very brave :-) we haven't tried that here. I would have assumed
that it would work automatically, but I guess not.
I'll have a look. But just to check, do both your collections have the
same structure? most importantly they need to have the same index names.
this means that unless you manually rename indexes, you can't cross
collection search across different types (mg, mgpp, lucene) of collections.

Chaitra Rao wrote:
> Hi Katherine,
> I think I used the wrong words:) Like you said, it's not the GLI its
> greenstone which is not able to search through the lucene indexes.
> Actually, I have discovered a few bugs while implementing lucene in
> greenstone (with you r help and guidance,of course :))
> 1. It seems to be working for word docs only. When I use text and pdf
> files, the text is not displayed on the greenstone page.

this is strange. Lucene works off the archive files, not off the import
documents, so it shouldn't make any difference what type of documents
they were.
Have a look at the documents in index/text/hashid/doc.xml - this is
where the text is taken from. Is there text in there?
are there other differences between the word and pdf docs? eg do your
word docs have sections while the others don't?
are you using section level in your index or just document level?

> 2. No unicode search
Michael is currently fixing this.

> 3. The page display is very slow. It takes about 15-30 secs to open a page
> on localhost
yes, we have noticed. Will look into it at some stage.

Just out of interest, why do you want to use lucene?


>>What do you mean by GLI not performing cross-collection searching? GLI
>>doesn't do any searching, it only builds collections.
>>Its greenstone that does the searching. when you preview the collection
>>do you get both collections listed on the about page, and if you go to
>>the preferences page, do you get the options for selecting which
>>collections to search?
>>Chaitra Rao wrote:
>>>Hey Katherine,
>>> Howdy? There's another problem with the new GLI. It does not perform
>>>cross collection searches, even though the option is selected and the
>>>config file shows "supercollection coll1 coll2". Can you please look into
>>>this also?