[greenstone-users] "WSASYSNOTREADY" error in running GreenStoneversion2.81 on Vista

From Diego Spano
DateFri Dec 12 01:14:15 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] "WSASYSNOTREADY" error in running GreenStoneversion2.81 on Vista
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When you launch greenstone server, go to File menu □ settings . Once there,
choose □Always use localhost□ or □Always use□ as your address
resolution method.

The error you mentioned appears because you don□t have any network
connection available, so there is no ip address available to run server.

Hope this helps.

Diego Spano

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Asunto: [greenstone-users] "WSASYSNOTREADY" error in running GreenStone
version2.81 on Vista

Dear Sir/Madam,

I installed GreenStone version 2.81 on Vista and when I run GreenStone
Server or GreenStone Librarian Interface, I encounter an error -- "Could not
initialize the network (Reason: WSASYSNOTREADY)."

May I ask you to advise me to solve this problem, please.

Thanks a lot.


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