[greenstone-users] please--help needed installing/running greenstone 2.83 on mac OS X v6.4

From David Lesniaski
DateSat Aug 21 16:59:01 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] please--help needed installing/running greenstone 2.83 on mac OS X v6.4
I'm very sorry to bother you with this...but I have looked and looked
and have not found any documentation or instructions I can understand
about running greenstone on the mac.

I downloaded greenstone v 2.83 from the G download site, and then
installed it on my mac, running OS X 6.4. All I did was click on the
greenstone icon and followed the prompts (I let it install in the
default folder.../users//myname//greenstone....), let it install the
core system, image magick, ghostscript, and enabled the admin pages.
This was exactly the same process when I installed on a Windows machine
earlier today. However, there the similarity ends. The windows version
just required one click to start the program--and it started and worked
just fine. On the mac, I don't even know where to look; there is no
icon anywhere I can find.

I looked at the readme file...and unless I'm really missing something
obvious (which very well could be) there's nothing that tells how to
start the program on the mac. I have been bouncing around various help
pages and the documentation at the NZ site, but everything I find is
pretty old, and the few things I find that are within the past year ...
well, they feel as if I've walked into the middle of a conversation.

At this point I don't even know what I need to know. I get the feeling
I'm supposed to know how to use the terminal program on the mac to ... ?
do something? to ??? the gs2-server.sh file????

I'm new to the mac, and certainly don't know the tricks, but I've used
practically every program on it that I've used on windows, from the
usual office & open office suites to music composing software, and this
is the first time I am completely lost. Indeed, up until now,
everything has run absolutely smoothly. I thought complications like
this happened only in windows!

So, any help anyone can give, please do. Feel free to reply privately
to me at
if you don't want to clutter the list with stuff that probably everyone
knows & has seen time and time again.

Thank you,

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