[greenstone-users] backups - Greenstone 3

From Katherine Don
DateMon Aug 30 11:56:27 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] backups - Greenstone 3
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Hi Catherine

What you'll need to backup will depend on what customisations have been

For collection backups, all you need is the folder inside the collect
directory. For example, for the demo gs2mgppdemo collection, you'd need
to backup the web/sites/localsite/collect/gs2mgppdemo folder.

You may want to just back up the whole collect directory.

Or, if the collections are very large, then you could just back up the
source of the collection, not the whole thing. In this case, you'd need
probably all the folders inside the collection's folder (import, etc,
images..) but not archives, tmp or index. index contains the built
collection, while archives and tmp are used during building. If you
didn't save these, then you'd have to rebuild the collection from
scratch if it needed to be reinstated from the backup.

If there has been any interface customisations, then you'll need to back
up those too. This may be in web/interfaces. Have you got any record of
whether there has been software customisations or not?


Catherine Chambers wrote:
> Hi there
> I am new to Greenstone and have recently inherited responsibility for
> a Greenstone3 installation, running on Fedora 7.
> A recent hardware failure brought to my attention that there is no
> backup occurring. Unfortunately i have a dreadful internet connection
> that is making searching the list archives almost impossible.
> Can anyone tell me what exactly i need to backup in case of a
> hardware/software failure? or direct me to somewhere on the web that
> can tell me this information?
> Catherine
> Systems Librarian : Mzuzu University (Malawi)
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