[greenstone-users] PagedImage Plugin - problem

From Katherine Don
DateTue Aug 31 11:02:45 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] PagedImage Plugin - problem
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Hi William

Are you using GLI to build?

With incremental building on the command line, if the source files
haven't changed, then they shouldn't be reindexed. The exception to this
is if there is a new or modified metadata.xml file present (this is
where GLI saves metadata entered in Enrich panel), then all files in
that folder and below will be reindexed, as the metadata file could
potentially hold new metadata for any of the files.
So, if you are doing incremental building and manually adding metadata
using GLI, then its best to use subfolders, and do each new set of
additions in a subfolder, so the modified metadata doesn't trigger
reimport of the whole lot.

I think GLI uses the -incremental flag to import, so should be doing the
same thing as in command line building.

With pagedimage plugin, I think that if the item file has changed, then
it will be reimported, and that will trigger reimporting of all the
images, as the plugin is not smart enough to tell.
BUT, you can set the -enable_cache option to PagedImagePlugin and this
will cache the conversions, so won't redo any that it doesn't need to.
This will work even if all the item files need to be reindexed, it
shouldn't redo the images.


William Mann wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. I had begun to study the source code to make
> the changes necessary but then I decided to download the 2.83 version
> again and try to install once more: this time it installed fine. So
> I'm using this version instead and everything works. You have my
> compliments for a great application!
> Let me ask you one more question if I may: after generating a small
> test collection of 500+ images that I'm using to design the bigger
> collection of 65000+ images I find that the smallest modification
> causes all the images to be re-treated with the PagedImage plugin even
> if no images have been added or removed and even if I specify the
> minimum rebuild. Shouldn't the page-sized images be rebuilt only if
> the originally imported images are changed? Or is this happening
> because I have put some metadata inside the .item files?
> Thanks again for you help.