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From Belanger, Arthur
DateSat Nov 6 05:23:51 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Paged Image Plugin
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Hello all.

I have a small prototype collection of newsletters for which I am using the PagedImagePlugin. I am running GS 2.80, not the current 2.83 so please take this with a grain of salt.

I have some documents that display properly and some that do not display at all. I looked at my import directory for one of the documents that did not display. I found that there was an image that did not have an entry in the .item file. I added an entry in the .item file for the image and rebuilt the collection. The document now displays properly.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Michael,

I'm glad my suggestion helped somewhat; however I'm pretty new to
Greenstone myself (just a month or so) and I haven't reached a point in
which I understand everything yet. That said, your problem could be
something simple like file access permissions on the collection's
archive directory: the web server might not have access to the single
files. Other than that I really don't have a clue. Sorry.


Il 05/11/2010 12:26, Michael Carney ha scritto:
> Hi William and all,
> Thanks for the response.
> I have included a .item file now specifying what you suggested. This does allow the items to be recognised by the collection but the images are not loading.
> Does anyone have any help here? If so, that would be fantastic.
> Many thanks,
> Michael.
> On 04/11/2010, at 10:53 PM, William Mann wrote:
>> Il 04/11/2010 12:42, Michael Carney ha scritto:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I'm developing a prototype for a digital library of musical scores. I would like to bundle all the images together of each score to appear as one item in the collection.
>>> By browsing the wiki I have ascertained that the Paged Image Plugin will assist me in doing this. When I give this plugin precedence over the Image Plugin, I am unable to browse any of the items in my collection.
>>> All of my images are grouped together in the folders they belong to and each folder is enriched with the metadata of that particular score.
>>> Can anyone please give a step by step process as to how I can possibly make the plug in work?
>> Have you created the relative .item files for each folder? Each folder has to contain a file with a name like<foldername>.item in which you list each image and relative file name. For example:
>> myfolder.item
>> <Title>Title of collection of images
>> <Subject and Keywords>Structure|that|I|would|like
>> 1:image1.jpg
>> 2:image2.jpg
>> 3:image3.jpg
>> As you can see, you can also add metadata directly in this file for each folder. I think the 'Subject and Keywords' tag is necessary for the hierarchical organization of the data.
>> If, on the other hand, you've already make this file then I have to hope that someone with more experience steps in.
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