[greenstone-devel] GLI Applet

From Stephen DeGabrielle
DateWed, 11 May 2005 12:13:16 +0930
Subject [greenstone-devel] GLI Applet
Hi, I appear to have misconfigured something with the GLI applet...
(Possible in the webserver)

I have it all going as per the instruction on

It starts OK from the browser, but when I get to the end of the 'new collection' dialog (just after I select what metadata types to use) I get the following error form the GLI;
+ 'An error has occurred and the collection could not be created' +
+                               [ok]                              +

Any Ideas?

I assume it is trying to write to either the local hard drive, a location on the server, or both?

I am running;
Greenstone server version 2.60 (Default MacOS X 10.3/Apache)
GLI Applet freshly made from CVS last night (could be my problem)


Stephen De Gabrielle