[greenstone-users] Microsoft Office 2007 revisited

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DateThu Dec 4 13:25:23 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Microsoft Office 2007 revisited
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Hi Jeff

Yes, Greenstone can process Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents. I don't
exactly know the differences between 2.52 and 2.81. But the basic concept
didn't change I think, but some small improvements have been made for
user's convenience, Like the names of plugins have been modified in the
latest version. Please read the release notes and the link below for

I think you can install Greenstone 2.81 on a computer, and then build a
small collection to feel the differences.

If your old collections needn't to be rebuilt and all customization codes
are in the collection folders, you just need to copy the collect folder to
the new GREENSTONEHOME/collect, and then see how's going on a web browser.
If you already made modification on the macros/ folder, you need to
carefully compare differences first then move them to the new version.


> Hi, We're on Greenstone 2.52. We are considering an upgrade to 2.8x but
> our main requirement is that Microsoft Office 2007 documents build
> properly.
> I was told on this list to try 2.8, but we can't find any documentation
> anywhere saying that Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) is
> supported in 2.8.
> Can anyone point me to this documentation? Or can anyone verify from
> experience that Office 2007 documents are supported in Greenstone 2.8 or
> 2.81?
> If all we need is the right plugin, rather than the full upgrade, that
> would be great to know, too.
> Thanks again,
> Jeff
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