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From Richard Managh
DateMon, 28 Nov 2005 11:31:03 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Accessing collection on the Web
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Hi Henny,

Here are the two options you have explained more fully:

1. You could install the Web Library version of greenstone on your
computer at home and make it persistantly available on the internet.
This would require your computer having a "static IP address" (an IP
address that is consistant, and the connection to the internet is aways
on). If you're computer is behind a router you would need to "port
forward" the TCP port 80 to your computer from the router, to make your
greenstone collection available online. You would need to set up a web
server on your home computer, perhaps apache, and configure it to make
available your greenstone collection from your computer.

2. You could install your greenstone collection to a shared web folder
that both you and your professor have access to. This would only work if
the drive containing the greenstone installation appears with the same
letter on both your computer and your professors computer however.

Hope this helps,

DL Consulting
Greenstone Digital Library and Digitisation Specialists

Henny Mariane Sutedjo wrote:

Dear All,

I have posted question before about running the Greenstone
application in the school server from computer at home and
have got some replied from some Greenstone users. Before,
installing the Greenstone Web library version, I read in
the Greenstone documentation that actually Greenstone local
library can be accessed from Web as well. My requirement is
to develop a digital library from home that can be accessed
by my Professor in the school without having to show it
personally. So, I was thinking that the only way is to put
my collection in the Web or shared folder in the school's
server. Please give me some advise. Thank you so much.

Henny M. S.
M. Sc. Information Studies
Nanyang Technological School

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