[greenstone-users] Export to CD

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateFri Nov 21 16:13:20 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Export to CD
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Hello Khoa,

Your OS is Windows I see, since only Windows comes with the server.exe file.

Will you try the following before exporting to CD?

Make sure server.exe is not running. Go into your Greenstone2
installation directory. In there you will find either one or both of the
following files:
1. gsdlsite.cfg
2. glisite.cfg

If the gsdlsite.cfg file is missing, make a copy of the glisite.cfg file
and rename the *copy* as gsdlsite.cfg.

Open gsdlsite.cfg, and edit two lines: the line with the property
"autoenter" and the line with the property "start_browser". Set both
properties equal to 1 as follows:

Now try running server.exe locally to see if that works. If it works as
you wanted it to, export your collections to a *rewriteable* CD (CD-RW)
and test whether it still behaves in the desired manner. If it does,
then you can write the collections to a regular CD, otherwise you can
erase the CD-RW and reuse it again.

I hope this works,

Khoa Tran wrote:
> Dear friends
> I am using Greenstone 2.81rc. I buidlt some collections, then exported
> to CD.But I have a problem: when I click server.exe file, one box
> display and requires "Enter Library".After I enter, Firefox opened
> collections.
> I want I don't need enter but Firefox still open my collections(this
> means Firefox automatically open my collections). How do I have to
> do?What properties do I must modify?
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