[greenstone-users] Linux upgrade advice

From Julian Fox
DateWed Sep 10 06:14:23 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Linux upgrade advice
Hi all,
I'm sure someone has upgraded Greenstone on a Linux box. With by now
some 200,000 digital objects in our collections and some particular
configurations, I cannot afford any errors! I wish to upgrade from 2.73
to 2 .8x on a K/Ubuntu OS. All the descriptions I find are to do with
Windows, hence I'd like some practical advice on just what to do in the
Linux case. Obviously I must protect the Collections folder, but there
will be macros and configurations I have altered that I also want to
keep - so how exactly do I go about it? Has someone gone through this
and could list for me what to do? I'm concerned that if I just do an
'install.sh' in the GS 2.8 new version I may wipe out certain
configurations I wish to keep. Obviously I have everything backed up in
case there are errors, but best to avoid these in the first place - or
is this all written somewhere? Seems that the manuals deal mostly with
Windows. Basically I don't do Windows!