Re: [greenstone-users] distibuted collection serving

From Michael Dewsnip
DateThu, 12 May 2005 15:51:09 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] distibuted collection serving
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> i have collections of books, magazines and manuscripts made by
> pagedimageplug. The problem is that they are (or soon they become)
> more than 400GB in size due to the large original tiff files. So the
> question is: can i split the collect directory of greenstone and place
> each collection into a separate hard drive (for example configuring
> Apache)? Is the same possible for a single collection (to slpit it)?

On a Unix system you should be able to create symbolic links from
Greenstone's collect directory to the collections located elsewhere. On
Windows, I'm not sure.

Remember that the import and archives directories of a collection are
not required to serve it, so these can be stored on a separate drive if