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From xiao
DateSat, 30 Jun 2007 14:40:32 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Fold and Stem
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Hello Devon,

If I have understood what you are after correctly, you are talking about the words on the GLI interface. These words are stored in the files in the $GSDLHOME/gli/classes directory. If you are using the GLI with the English interface language, the file you should look at is Some other languages are also available. To change the word 'fold', for example, locate the line:


and change the trailing word Casefold to the one you desire.

To change the fold and stem options for existing collections, you will have to either tick them in GLI, or go to the collect.cfg file of a particular collection and add the following line into the file

indexoptions    casefold stem

If you want hereafter newly-built collections to all have the casefold and stem options on, you can put the above line in the file $GSDLHOME/collect/modelcol/etc/collect.cfg. This file is the base for all new collections' configuration files.


On 6/29/07, Devon Cinnamon <> wrote:
Hi, I would like to use the advanced search in Greenstone version 2.71 but would like to change the words fold and stem on the search page but I am not sure where these entries come from.  I looked at the source code on the internet browser but that doesn't tell me what the filename is where the code is being stored.
I would also like to have fold and stem on permanently with the checkmarks but am unable to figure that out either.
Please help
Thank you
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