[greenstone-devel] OAI server

From Наталия
DateMon, 29 Oct 2007 18:42:37 +0300
Subject [greenstone-devel] OAI server
Hello! My name's Nataly, I work with Cyrillic collections in Russian State Library.

I face with problem with OAI server. I have installed GreenStone 2.74 and
adjusted OAI server. My metadata is written in Cyrillic. (For exampels: <dc.Title> Король Сербии Пётр I; <dc.Subject>
Первая мировая война| <dc.Description> Сербская армия)
For testing my OAI server, I used http://re.cs.uct.ac.za/ (your recommendation).
My OAI baseURL : http://dc.rsl.ru/cgi-bin/oaiserver.exe

If verbs = Identify
I've got a message :

Archive Self-Description
Repository Name The first War Base URL http://dc.rsl.ru/cgi-bin/
Protocol Version 2.0 Admin Email afonina@rsl.ru

If verbs = GetRecord,metadataPrefix=oai_dc, identifier= col:HASHf6f3401f8e0a2772fd43b8
I've got a message :

XML format error in line 23 [not well-formed (invalid token)]
2007-10-29T14:56:48Z http://dc.rsl.ru/cgi-bin/ col:HASHf6f3401f8e0a2772fd43b8 col ???????? ??????dc:Description> 10??5
(????) ?????????????????dc:Title> ????

Could you please help me to solve this problem.
Nataly Afonina
Russian State Library