[greenstone-users] Web Library Installation

From Diego Spano
DateTue Mar 18 02:33:22 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Web Library Installation
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Hi Pons,

it is suppossed that local library only applies to a very few concurrent
users in a local network. Local library is a "small web server" embed in
Greenstone, but it is not recommendable for larger installations. You canâ–ˇt
even think that you can publish your digital library via internet using
local library.

In the other hand, Web library can heritate policies that applies to your
main web server, like IIS or Apache.

Hope this helps.



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I had installed installed gsdl 2.72 in windows and linux and was woking
fine, Now I want to upgrade them to new release. Before that want to clear
some doubts.

1. Why should not use local library in webserver.. i guess local library
installation also work well in webserver.

2. is there any major difference between local library and web library ...

I used local library in stand alone and web library in webserver. Just want
confirm if i could use local library in both ....

Thanks & Best Regards
Pons (Ponerulappan)
Library & Information Services, Cognizant Academy
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