Re: [greenstone-users] MARC --> GREENSTONE

From Tomáš Fiala
DateFri, 01 Jun 2007 13:06:29 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] MARC --> GREENSTONE
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Hi Richard,

many thanks for looking at the problem. I looked at the link you sent
and i seems that the software would be a big help for us. We already
converted the marc file to ISO 8859-2 and set this encoding to ISISPlug,
it works fine.

Again, thanks for your help !


Tomas Fiala

Department of digitization
University library Bratislava

Richard Managh wrote / napísal(a):
> Hi Tomáš,
> I've taken a look at this. MARCPlug uses the perl library MARC:Record
> to read marc files. MARC records can be in two different encodings,
> MARC-8, and UTF-8. This library defaults to using the MARC-8 encoding
> when reading the files, and I dont believe it handles the records
> automatically if they are in fact in UTF-8. So the problem is not how
> greenstone handles the encoding, but seems to be with the MARC:Record
> reader before the data even gets to greenstone.
> I looked up MARC:Record on cpan, turns out that there is a "encoding"
> function that has been added to the Record library, that allows the
> encoding to be set, however this function isnt in the MARC perl
> library currently in greenstone. You could try updating the MARC
> libraries used by greenstone perhaps, and/or using the encoding
> function below to set the encoding to UTF-8 in
> Hope this helps,
> Richard
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