Re: [greenstone-devel] appropriateness for a land database

From John R. McPherson
DateThu, 01 Apr 2004 15:11:16 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] appropriateness for a land database
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Stefan Boddie wrote:

>>I've been assigned the task of developing a database including
>>digitized resources, i.e. leases, photos, etc and existing databases.
>>One existing database is of GIS data compiled and managed by
>>MS' SQLServer. The tool I select must allow users to link easily
>>from citations to full-text content. Is Greenstone appropriate for
>>compiling such data and executing a cross database search?

> There are two ways to do this I guess. The first is to export the data from
> your MS SQLServer database and import it into Greenstone. The other way is
> to search your SQL database(s) at runtime (from within Greenstone) and
> attempt to combine all the results. The first is easier and would possibly
> not require any alterations to Greenstone (though you may need to create a
> new plugin for importing the data, depending on the format of what you
> export from SQL).

Recent (2.40?) versions of greenstone have come with an undocumented
plugin called "DBPlug" that will uses perl modules to interface to a
database, and extract records from the DB and map them to metadata
fields for greenstone as specified in a config file. If you have the
correct perl modules installed, it can access many types of databases.
I've only used it on a PostGreSQL database, but it should work on any of
the perl DBI supported sources - MSSQL, MS Access, MySQL, ....

This extracts the fields at import time and creates greenstone archive
files, and then has nothing else to do with the database. IE greenstone
queries are on the archived files, not the live database.

John McPherson