[greenstone-users] questions on designing the webpage

From Beth Wohlgemuth
DateFri, 14 Sep 2007 10:51:31 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] questions on designing the webpage
>Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2007 15:16:58 -0500
>To: Greenstone List
>From: Beth Wohlgemuth <wohlgemu&#64;inhs.uiuc.edu>
>Subject: questions on designing the webpage
>We have run into a few difficulties in designing our
>interface. Would anyone have any leads on the following
>questions? I have looked at the documentation for Greenstone 3, but
>exact details about the design and format areas are not very clear to me.
>We are putting together a simple database of digitized photos. The
>photos do have accompanying metadata for which we are using dublin core.
>How do we use macros to change the interface of our collection? In
>our macro folder there is only one macro entitled "extra.dm". Are
>we missing some and can we get them somewhere.
>Our "document" (metadata) is not visible, how do we make it visible?
>How do we add/change text on the Help and Preferences pages?
>How do we change the text on our homepage?
>How do we insert an image on our homepage? Do we use the GLI?
>Beth Wohlgemuth, Head Librarian
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Beth Wohlgemuth, Head Librarian
Illinois Natural History Survey Library
1027 I-Building
1816 South Oak Street
Champaign IL 61820
Phone (217)244-4907
Fax (217)333-4949