[greenstone-users] More Questions about Greenstone 3

From Beth Wohlgemuth
DateThu, 20 Sep 2007 11:03:55 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] More Questions about Greenstone 3
>XSL Greenstone 3
>We are still unable to see our metadata for our photographs. We
>tried entering [dc.title], etc. into Document Text, Document Heading
>and VList in the GLI Format Features, but this did not work. Is
>there something we can edit/add in the XML files?
>Which XML file makes changes to the top part of a particular
>collection (title, search bar) and the about page for an individual collection?
>If we want to create a transform directory in one of our
>collections, where would we put this (which folder within the
>individual collection)?
>Does Greenstone 3 use macros at all? If so, when? We have found
>the extra.dm macro but not others; where are they? We could not
>open extra.dm, do we need a special program to look at the macros?

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