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From Katherine Don
DateThu, 10 Mar 2005 09:28:37 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] French metadata
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Hi Jenn

This is not implemented in Greenstone, but you can make it work.

Using subject as an example, you would need to assign subject metadata
in english, and say subject_fr metadata in french (the metadata names
need to be different). then generate two classifiers, one using subject
metadata, the other using subject_fr metadata. This way, you have a
separate browsing structure for french and english.
It may be that this is enough for you - you'll end up with two subject
items on the navigation bar, one for english, one for french.

if you want to swap between the two depending on the language used, then
you'll need to do a bit more work.
The SearchSubjectsFromDates macro is defined in the c++ code, in
gsdl/src/recpt/documentaction.cpp (set_navbarmacros() )
It dynamically puts together a list of classifiers and search and makes
the appropriate navbar.

You can define your own static navigationbar. in gsdl/macros/,
there is the following line:
_optnavigationbar_{ SearchSubjectsFromDates }

pages use

to place the nav bar in the page. this line
sets the nav bar to SearchSubjectsFromDates , which is defined in the C++ code.
replace this line with

Then you need to define your own navigation bar _mynavigationbar_ in
your collection. Create a macro file: gsdl/collect<collname>/macros/

add the lines
package Global
_mynavigationbar_ { definition of your bar }

It will probably take a bit of fiddling to get it looking right - look
at the page source of a greenstone page for help.
you can generate different nav bars for different langauges:
_mynavigationbar_ [l=fr] {definition of the french version }

only include the french classifiers in the french version, and only
include the english classifiers in the default version, for example.

As this will be static, if you change the classifiers in the collection,
you will also need to change the macro.

Well, hope this helps,

Katherine Don

Jenn Cole wrote:
> Thanks Stephen,
> I was aware that you could change the interface to french. I guess what
> I am trying to figure out is when you change the interface to french
> that the browsing lists (eg.subject) display french terms as well and
> when you are in the english interface the english terms are displayed.
> Not even sure if this is a possibility in Greenstone. Thanks for the
> french DC link, it is useful.
> Jenn
> Stephen DeGabrielle wrote:
>>I am not sure what you mean- but I have two options for you - let me
>>know what you think;
>>1. Greenstone has a search iterface in many languages including french
>>- The interface can be set to default to whatever language you like.
>>(See the Maori Newspapers Collection at for an
>>2. You can use the metadata editor to make metadata sets of your own.
>>If dublin Core (or the others which are all in english) is not
>>suitable then you can either use a french metadata set or make a new
>>metadata set with the metadata editor tool.
>>Maybe DC in french to to make it easier to use? I found this
>>I don't know how good it is.
>>On Tue, 08 Mar 2005 12:03:59 -0800, Jenn Cole <library&#64;> wrote:
>>>I have a collection of texual docuements that I have embedded subject
>>>metadata into the section html code, so greenstone is extracting it for
>>>me. Is there a way to have a french equivilent of the metadata without
>>>having to redo french metadata in the html code? Has anyone tackled
>>>this before? It is just the subject terms that need to be in french
>>>they will still point to the same english document.
>>>Jenn Cole
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