Re: [greenstone-users] Problems listing non-consecutively numbered volumes in a collection

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 12 Apr 2005 08:31:17 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Problems listing non-consecutively numbered volumes in a collection
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Hi Benjamin

Firstly, try setting the option -remove_empty_classifications to the
build process and rebuild the collection.
If this doesn't work, then perhaps your build.txt (is this a hierarchy
file for the Hierarchy classifier?) is set up incorrectly.
Please send this file and your collect.cfg file (or the relevant parts
of each) to the list.

Katherine Don

Benjamin Weaver wrote:
> Hello Greenstone staff,
> I am running a test version of Greenstone 2.53. I am experiencing a certain
> problem as I try to build a collection that includes volumes numbered non-
> consecutively. The Greenstone hierarchical list generation process is
> creating empty list items for entries not actually in the collection,
> assigning fictitious volume numbers that fall in between one non-consecutive
> volume and another.
> For example, the first two volumes in the collection are numbered 19 and 26.
> Icons representing these 2 volumes appear correctly in the hierarchical list,
> with clickable icons expanding into lists of the several texts contained in
> each of these volumes.
> But also included in the top-level list of volumes, between 19 and 26, are 6
> non-expandable, null entries, represented by text icons instead of by the
> proper volume icon. I am presuming that these 6 entries are generated by
> Greenstone's presumption of a consecutive list running from 19 through 26.
> This pattern is repeated for other non-consecutive numberings in the
> collection.
> Nothing in our hierarchical build.txt file supplies these additional volume
> numbers.
> How might we coax Greenstone to build only the non-consecutively numbered
> volumes, and to refrain from filling in the fictitious volumes?
> Thanks for your help in advance,
> Ben Weaver