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DateTue, 17 Jul 2007 20:38:37 +1200 (NZST)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Windows warning
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Hello Robinson,
I just found out how to make the warning go away. I assume you are using
firefox as the default browser, go to a Windows Explorer ->Tools->Folder
options->File types-> (none)URL:Hyper text protocol->advanced->edit->
**uncheck** USE DDE->OK->OK. But you still need to find out what went
wrong with indices.


> Hello Robinson,
> Was the firefox browser used from the Preview button? If so, you could try
> using other browser like IE to see whether it can get rid of the warning.
> In gli:
> File->preferences->connection->preview command
> replace that string with the IE installation on your machine, for example,
> it is "C:Program FilesInternet ExplorerIEXPLORE.EXE" on my machine.
> Regards
> Shaoqun
>> I invoked it from the Preview button of the Librarian Interface
>> I have now opened up another collection which gave the same warning but
>> opened correctly with indices working, so I must have something else
>> wrong with the 'sample papers' collection.
>> I've now opened up the collections using the Digital Library (home
>> page), and it did not give the warning, but all collections do when
>> using the GLI and preview button.
>> Regards
>> Ed
>> wrote:
>>> Hello Robinson,
>>> That URL didn't look alright to me, if your collection name is "Papers
>>> Sample" the c parameter should have the value "paperssa" which is also
>>> the
>>> collection's directory name in the collect dir. How did you invoke your
>>> collection from the home page or the preview button? Could you check
>>> that?
>>> Regards
>>> Shaoqun
>>>> I opened a collection today that had been working correctly a couple
>>>> of
>>>> months ago, and got the following message
>>>> Windows cannot find □
>>>> Sample&l=en&a=p&p=about&uq=1184567292265□. Make sure you typed the
>>>> name
>>>> correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start
>>>> button, and then click Search.
>>>> The collection name is Papers Sample, and I could see nothing missing
>>>> in
>>>> the collect directory for that collection. I rebuilt the collection
>>>> from
>>>> the GLI but still get the same error warning.
>>>> The warning comes up immediately on opening the collection, which does
>>>> not display any of the indices that have been built, and shows only a
>>>> search facility - but that does not give results for any searches.
>>>> I re-installed Greenstone 2.72, but am still getting the warning. I am
>>>> using Windows XP.
>>>> I presume there is a file corrupt or missing but I cannot
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