Re: [greenstone-users] Word to HTML Conversion

DateWed, 25 Oct 2006 10:51:28 +1300 (NZDT)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Word to HTML Conversion
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Hello Ed,

If you are using windows, please try the methods described in the tutorial

Alternatively, you can use UnknownPlug to include the document in the
collection, and please look at
for more info about this plug


> My collection is of Word documents, and one of them is not being included
> in the collection.
> The log file says:
>> Converting RLWx485A.doc to HTML format
>> Could not convert RLWx485A.doc to HTML format
>> I won't mmap that file, using a slower method
>> 7 [main] wvWare 2384 handle_exceptions: Exception:
>> 1495015 [main] wvWare 2384 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack
> trace to wvWare.exe.stackdump
>> WARNING: No plugin could process RLWx485A.doc
> The document is different from most of the others in the collection - it
> contains about 12 pictures (from Excel charts) and a table of data that
> covers a few pages - for a total size of 7.8Mb (most of the other files
> are
> less than 200kb)
> Any suggestions for how I can include this document in the collection?
> Thanks
> Ed
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