[greenstone-users] Greenstone 3.02 released!

From sw64@cs.waikato.ac.nz
DateMon, 19 Feb 2007 15:51:22 +1300 (NZDT)
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone 3.02 released!
Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce that Windows, GNU/Linux, and
Source distributions of Greenstone 3.02
are now available for download from our sourceforge page:

This is a unstable release.
Release notes are copied below.

As always, please report any problems or bugs to the mailing list.

On behalf of the Greenstone team.

New Windows, GNU/Linux, and Source distributions available:
Greenstone3 v3.02

The Windows, GNU/Linux and Source distributions of Greenstone v3.02 are now
available for download from our sourceforge page:

Greenstone3 is a redesign and reimplementation of the Greenstone digital
library software. The original Greenstone project (Greenstone2) is a
complete digital library creation, management, and distribution package
created and distributed by the New Zealand Digital Library Project. This
is available from sourceforge at
Greenstone3 aims to improve the flexibility, modularity and extensibility of
the Greenstone2 runtime system. It is written in Java, and runs as a Java
servlet. It consists of a network of modules communicating with XML.
Greenstone3 retains the Greenstone2 collection building system.

The binary distributions now consist of self-installing InstallShield
Download and run to install. Ant is still used for running and configuring
Greenstone3. This comes bundled in the distribution.

Major changes for the Greenstone3 runtime (compared to v3.01) are listed
Following that is a summary of changes to the collection building system
(compared to Greenstone2 version 2.72).

Runtime changes:

* Much more use of CSS in the interface.

* No Greenstone3 java based collection building. Only uses Greenstone2 style
Perl + GLI collection building. So no need for mysql anymore.

* SOAP service deployment not done by default anymore. Doesn't require source
* Now uses customisable text for field and level names in searching

* New server program - run this from Windows start menu or gs3-server.sh
script. This will launch Tomcat and a browser. Can use it to restart Tomcat,
change the port etc. Meant to feel similar to using the local library in

* Greenstone2->Greenstone3 collection config file conversion has been
Hopefully will do a much better job.

* Now has the same public/private collection distinction that Greenstone2

* Now works with standard Greenstone2 Lucene collections.

* Error and info messages now output using log4j rather than System.out.
This means you can see the logs even after a Tomcat crash on Windows. Logs
are found in web/logs. greenstone3.log is a general log, while usage.log is
just usage information.

* Berry basket functionality added. In interfaceConfig.xml, set the
berryBaskets option to true.

* Some extra functionality moved out of core greenstone into extensions:
alerting service, vishnu visualisation, greenstone3 java collection building.
Eventually we'll have a nice mechanismm for installing extensions.

* Added in a basic cross collection search service. and a quick search box on
the home page, which will search over all collections.

Collection building changes:

Greenstone v3.02 uses Greenstone2 collection building and GLI. This release
uses version 2.72 code with the following changes (note, these changes will
also be available in the next Greenstone2 release):

* New classifier: RecentDocumentsList. Can be used to build a list of
added/modified documents in the collection. Uses lastmodified metadata.

* New option to GenericList: sort_using_unicode_collation, which sorts e
next to e.

* Some of the GLI functionality is disabled for Greenstone 3, for example,
exporting to CDROM.

* Metadata editing in GLI has been speeded up.

* Disabling of GLI value trees. In normal mode, when a collection is opened,
all the metadata.xml files are skimmed to generate a list of metadata element
names, and the previous values trees for each element. This can be slow for
collections with a lot of metadata. We have added a switch to disable this,
making opening a collection much faster. In this mode, the value trees will
not be available, and the list of metadata elements (in index and format
may be incomplete. It is only useful for collections with very large amounts
of metadata, for example, large exploded CDS/ISIS databases.
To put a collection in this mode, you need to make sure it is not open in
then edit the collect/<collname>/<collname>.col file and add
<Argument name="skimfile">false</Argument>
to the list of Arguments.

* GEMS now works with Greenstone 3

* MG, MGPP and Lucene have been removed from the main Greenstone CVS tree
and put into a separate package: indexers, so they can be easily shared
between Greenstone2 and Greenstone3.