[greenstone-users] Installing version 2.50 of Greenstone

From jtrott@mrds.org
DateFri, 9 Apr 2004 10:41:14 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] Installing version 2.50 of Greenstone
I am using Greenstone on Windows XP Professional, with the webserver option.

I installed version 2.50 on top of version 2.41 and it worked just fine. Here
is what I did:
1) Make back up copies of
* Macros in the c:program filesgsdsmacros folder that I had customized
(base.dm, home.dm, etc)
* Image / icons in the c:program filesgsdsimages folder that I had
created (for custom classifiers)

2) Run the installation executable the first time, choosing the "Remove
Greenstone" option (this removes 2.41)
* At the end of this uninstall, there is a question asking "do you want to
uninstall the existing collections?" CHOOSE NO

3) Run the installation executable a second time to install 2.50

4) Copy the backed-up macros and image files back to their appropriate folders


Personally, I really like the changes: GLI is more stable and is very usable,
the bug that had been in the DateList classifier appears to be fixed. I'm
going to have to think about the "Collage" classifier - it is interesting :-)

I will look forward to the MacOS version as well.

Excellent work!

Jim Trott
Director, Knowledge Management
Millennium Relief and Development Services